Making the world
a quieter place.

IAC GmbH is an Industrial Acoustics Company. Since 1949 IAC has pioneered the field of noise control and acoustics. As part of our activities we provide Acoustic Test Facilities, Acoustic Test Chambers, Anechoic Chambers, Acoustic Test Stands, NVH Testing and Reverberation Chambers.

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In a restless time, we make the world a quieter place.

In the Medical Acoustics we do Audiology Rooms, Hearing Test Cabins, Acoustic Rooms, Shielded Rooms, Free Field Audiology. In the HVAC Noise Control we provide Acoustic Louvres, Acoustic Dampers, Silencers, Exhaust Silencers. In the Industrial Noise Control we deliver Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Doors, Acoustic Windows, Absorbers. Other Industrial Acoustics we do Studio Acoustics, Studio Doors, Studio Windows, Studio Absorbers, Music Practice Rooms, Acoustic Barriers, Acoustic Elements, Vibration Isolation, Structural Born Noise Insulation, Vibration Dampers,

And Noise Control for Marine, Noise Control for Aviation, Noise Control for Mining, Noise Control for power Generation, eg. UPS Systems.

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