Acoustic Walls & Acoustic Barriers & Acoustic Screens

High performance acoustic barriers offer an effective solution to reduce environmental noise pollution. Our certified acoustic barriers solve a wide variety of environmental noise problems that include transport, utilities, mechanical plant, sporting facilities, industrial sites, manufacturing and distribution.

Acoustic barriers are ideal for ground level, road, rail, bridges, and rooftop community noise control applications. Our noise barriers protect communities from unwanted noise generated from roads, railways and airports.

IAC acoustic barrier systems optimise sound transmission loss and sound transmission properties. They are durable; aesthetically pleasing and can carry a range of finishes that blend in with local surroundings.

At IAC, we offer you a complete turnkey acoustic barrier solution. Prior to undertaking any project, we carry out an acoustic and visual impact assessment of your facility. We make sure that you get right type of barrier to meet your needs. At IAC, we offer three different methods of combating environmental noise pollution.

IAC has been manufacturing acoustic barriers since the mid-1960s. We are pioneers in the design of lightweight yet robust steel and aluminium barriers. In 2008, our environmental Research and Development teams developed the world’s first ‘angled’ barrier construction for roadside and railway applications, yielding the same top acoustic performance, with reduced material requirements.

Turnkey acoustic barrier solutions

At IAC, our barrier turnkey service includes all aspects of the manufacturing process including engineering; foundations; structural supporting steel columns; and acoustic panels; along with installation. We have the expertise and experience to offer complete turnkey packages including the design, manufacture and installation of the complete barrier wall, including the steel columns.

Our acoustic barriers offer solutions to a variety of industry sectors that include:

  • Transport infrastructure – Our traffic noise barriers protect communities from noisy roads, railways, and airports.
  • Utilities - Our acoustic barriers protect communities from noisy power stations; electricity transformers; electricity-generating stations; gas regulator centres and water pumping stations.
  • Mechanical Plant - We protect local communities and on-site personnel from noisy generators; compressors; pumps; motors and chillers of HVAC plant. End users of our products include shopping centres, office blocks and educational establishments as well as industry.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution - Our acoustic barriers protect local residents from noisy factories, industrial sites; and loading bays.
  • Data Storage Centres - on large out of town sites (mainly for finance and telecoms companies) – IAC acoustic barriers not only protect these Centre’s local communities from noise from their cooling plant but they can also add a degree of security around a site.

IAC acoustic barrier solutions are the preferred choice of contractors, acoustical engineers, landscape architects, and highways departments of local authorities. We test all components in our laboratories to make sure that we achieve your noise control targets. IAC barriers comply with UK and EU noise legislation.

Absorptive Free Standing Barriers – Types FS and SFS

IAC free standing acoustic barrier systems offer excellent sound transmission loss characteristics and can give up to 14dB transmission loss at 125Hz. The laboratory testing of all our acoustic panels ensures we give them an accurate acoustic rating.

Our absorptive free standing acoustic barriers are lighter and easier to install than traditional concrete barriers. IAC absorptive barriers are also more durable and so last far longer than wooden alternatives.

Absorptive freestanding barriers from IAC offer the following benefits and characteristics:

  • Tested in the laboratory providing a proven, certified, sound transmission loss (Noise Reduction) rating.
  • Sound absorptive on one or both sides.
  • The sound absorptive linings’ surfaces reduce reverberant build-up between parallel barriers and other reflective surfaces. This increases the ability of barriers to attenuate noise.
  • Excellent sound absorption qualities that minimise reflected sound.
  • Tough, abuse-resistant steel/aluminium construction.
  • Designed to withstand substantial wind loads.
  • Structural steelwork included on request.
  • Weather-resistant and guaranteed rust-proof finish.
  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium.
  • Aesthetically-designed to blend sympathetically with the surrounding landscape. Barrier finishing materials include brick, stone, wood, and slate. Other materials are available on request.
  • Polyester powder coating, and vinyl coated steel options available.
  • Constructed from prefabricated components for fast, non-welded on-site assembly.
  • Easy to install, durable and low maintenance.