HVAC Noise Control

HVAC Silences and Acoustic Louvers

IAC Acoustics' rectangular and cylindrical duct attenuators boast unparalleled efficacy in mitigating noise, offering a cost-effective alternative to conventional methods. Our products undergo meticulous laboratory development and testing, conducted under precisely controlled conditions to ensure optimal performance.

Precision engineering ensures adherence to specific metal tolerances and controlled acoustic infill flow resistances, guaranteeing consistent and reliable noise reduction results. Should our standard silencer offerings fail to align with your requirements, our dedicated specialist team stands ready to devise tailored solutions to meet your exact specifications.

For several decades our engineers have relied on our modular duct silencers to effectively manage diverse noise sources within air handling systems. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by periodic testing in our accredited aero-acoustic laboratory, validating cataloged performance metrics including Dynamic Insertion Loss and Self-Noise (SN), and pressure drop characteristics.

For superior noise attenuation solutions characterized by technical precision and proven performance, entrust your needs to IAC Acoustics.

HVAC Attenuators

IAC Acoustics rectangular and cylindrical duct attenuators provide effective, predictable noise reduction at substantial savings over other noise reduction methods because IAC products are laboratory-developed and tested under controlled conditions.

Acoustic Louvres

Noishield™ and Slimshield™ acoustic louvres from IAC Acoustics reduce noise pollution from plant cooling towers, boiler rooms, and air handling systems in all types of buildings, including power stations, chemical treatment plants and offshore applications.

Acoustic Dampers

All our products have proven performance and are fully tested in our own aerodynamic labs and conform to energy saving designs providing excellent value for money solutions.