Audiology Booths

IAC Acoustics has 70 years of experience in the design and installation of audiology booths. We design, manufacture and install a wide standard range of high performance booths that offer noise reduction levels from between 35 to 80 dB.

Regardless of whether your project is for a single audiometric booth or a full hearing test facility design and fit-out, we have the resource and experience to provide you with all of your testing requirements including full service product support. With many standard audiology booths available, offering different sizes and configurations that accommodate the latest audiometers, you're sure to find a solution to meet your individual needs.

The most popular acoustic booths available from IAC are:

  • The 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter
  • The 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter
  • The 40a Series Hearing Test Booth
  • The Tetra Booth
  • The 120a Series Hearing Test Booth

IAC has almost 30 different standard hearing test rooms available, offering different sizes and configurations that accommodate the latest audiometers. In addition to the standard range, IAC also offers bespoke audiometric test rooms that provide the perfect acoustic environment for health professionals to perform hearing screening tests. IAC audiology rooms are available in many different types of configuration, within numerous market sectors such as Clinics, GP Surgeries, Industry, NHS Hospitals, Research establishments, Universities and Walk-in-centres.

Typical Audiometric Booth Applications
Our audiology booths are available in many different types of configuration, within numerous market sectors including:

  • Audiometric screening for pre-employment and annual employee evaluation testing
  • Bone conduction testing
  • Educational learning
  • Hearing aid dispensing
  • Psychological and behavioural testing
  • Speech therapy

The 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter

The 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter provides a controlled acoustic environment in which hearing screening occurs efficiently at low cost. The main features and benefits of the 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter are:

  • Complies with BS EN ISO 8253-1
  • Supplied fully assembled or in ‘kit’ form
  • The booth is fully mobile and is fitted with castors
  • Will pass easily through most standard doorways
  • Silent ventilation system
  • Maintenance free internal LED lighting
  • Moulded integral seat
  • Foldable shelf and stainless steel jack panel (for connection to the audiometer)
  • Ready to use within minutes of delivery

The 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter

The 350 Series Maxi Booth is IAC’s newest Audiometric Booth. With internal dimensions of 894 mm wide x 948 mm deep x 2000 mm high, the 350 Maxi is an oversized version of IAC’s best selling Booth—the 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter.

The 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter is the ideal environment to carry out hearing screening tests, whether it is at a healthcare practice or annual employee evaluation testing for industry.

The main features and benefits of the 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter are:

  • Supplied in ‘kit’ form
  • Fitted with castors or anti-vibration mounts
  • Left hand or right hand door option
  • BS EN ISO 9001/14001 quality registered
  • Jack panel incorporating USB connection
  • Maintenance free LED lighting
  • Polyester powder coated RAL 9001
  • Ventilation

The 40a Series Audiometric Booths

The IAC 40a Series is a range of, compact single walled booths for multiple or single occupancy.

The IAC 40a series booths are constructed from 102mm thick acoustic modular panels and offer a fitting environment for a whole range of audiological investigations and measurements.

Optional Extras

Optional extras available for the 40a series audiometric booth include:

Acoustic double glazed vision panel within door 

  • Double-glazed soundproof window in the door (e. g. 300 mm x 600 mm height)
  • Emergency lighting
  • Nursecall
  • Sockets inside
  • RF and electromagnetic shielding
  • Isolating transformer, dimmable lighting (direct current)
  • Fabric covering/cladding of the inner walls
  • Special jack Panels
  • Increased clear passage width of the doors
  • Window with disposable window foil

The Tetra Booth

The IAC Tetra Booth has been a popular choice in Europe and America for decades and we are now pleased to introduce it to the UK Market. The Tetra Booth is designed to offer a suitable environment for hearing testing, examination and research while the unique shape makes this booth ideal for projects where space is at a premium.

The main features and benefits of the Tetra Booth are:

  • Angled shape designed to fit in corners and tight spaces
  • High performance acoustic door
  • Double glazed acoustic window
  • Built in “silent” ventilation system
  • Pre-wired jack panel complete with 9 No. 6.00 mm 3 pole sockets
  • Polyester power coated RAL 9001

Optional Features

Optional features of the Tetra Booth are:

  • Acoustic double glazed vision panel within door (300 mm x 600 mm high)
  • RF and electromagnetic shielding
  • Fabric covering to internal walls
  • Power filters
  • Special jack panels, cut-outs and plugs
  • Alternative paint finishes

The 120a Series Hearing Test Booth

The IAC 120a Series is a standard double-wall audiology booth with a structurally isolated inner room, offering a high level of attenuation for particularly noisy environments.

Features of IAC Audiometric Test Booths

IAC Audiometric Test Booths are assembled on-site and finished internally using various floor, wall and ceiling finishes chosen from a vast array of colours, fabrics and materials. Other features of IAC Audiometric Test Booths are:

All IAC audiology booths are equipped with silent ventilation systems that allow testing while the ventilation system is in operation

  • Air conditioning options include connection to a main system or blowers to draw air from a host room.
  • Acoustic Doors incorporate twin magnetic seals offering a ‘slam free and quiet’ operation.
  • Select from a vast range of performance acoustic windows along with integrated blinds and one-way vision.
  • Windows, locks and low threshold details can also be included.
  • Acoustic Doors and Acoustic Windows can be coated using IAC’s high quality and hardwearing Polyester Powder Paint Finish along with IAC’s unique new Powder Coat Wooded Grain Finish .
  • A full range of optional Anti-Bacterial finishes are available including wall fabrics, suspended ceilings, floor carpets and vinyls along with washable wall plaques, where required.
  • Moduline® Construction

IAC Acoustics offer audiometric test booths using Moduline® panels, an integrated system of laboratory and field-tested components – including wall and roof panels, structurally isolated floors, doors, windows and ventilation silencing systems. The Moduline® system is a unique high performance modular building system that offers many key advantages over traditional building materials including:

Guaranteed acoustic performance

  • Compliance with all major technical standards including ISO 8253 and ISO BS EN 6189
  • Clean, rapid installation that keeps building time and disruption to an absolute minimum
  • Strong but lightweight structures that are approximately 1/3 rd of the weight of conventional structures of the same size
  • Design flexibility with optional extras to suit your audiometric needs
  • Portability that means rooms can be dismantled and moved to a different location with relative ease, at low cost and with no loss in acoustic performance

Bespoke Audiology Test Booths

IAC Acoustics also designs bespoke audiology testing booths to completely suit your needs. Our in-house design team, will incorporate your custom requirements into the final product using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacturing technology to create custom audiology testing booths to virtually any size.

With our enviable experience of installing many thousands of facilities worldwide, coupled with our in-house design, manufacture and project management, you can be sure that we will deliver an audiometric booth to meet your project specification and application.

Our Engineering, Sales and Project teams are with you throughout the project. They will help with the specification, design, on site requirements, installation and commissioning of your finished audiology booth.