Acoustic Dampers

All our products have proven performance and are fully tested in our own aerodynamic labs and conform to energy saving designs providing excellent value for money solutions.

Our building services products are of all-metal construction which ensures long life and have an aerodynamic profile to minimise pressure drop. IAC’s recent investment in advanced sheet metal cutting and forming machinery - including a 6-coil computerised duct-making machine - guarantee all our products are manufactured with immense speed, precision and at a competitive price. Our flexible system of batch production allows almost any delivery deadline to be met.

All IAC Acoustics silencers perform in accordance with ASTM-E477, BS 4718 and ISO 7235.Tthe company is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Building Service Products  

IAC’s complete range of manufactured Building Services noise control products and systems include:

  • Acoustic louvres combat environmental noise problems in mixed commercial/residential areas
  • Acoustic screens and enclosures help reduce noise from equipment plant and machinery
  • Air handling units (AHU’s) condition and circulate air in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Absorptive panels control noise and reduce distracting echo and reverberation effects in buildings
  • Duct Silencers provide effective, predictable noise reduction in air handling applications
  • Floating floor systems provide permanent, maintenance-free, cost effective noise control solutions for a number of applications
  • Vibration isolation mounts combat structure-borne noise and vibration

IAC makes over thirty different designs of Quiet-Duct™rectangular and Conic-Flow™ circular duct silencers - including low frequency (LF) and fibre-free models. Other product in the HVAC range include acoustic louvres, Big H™ fan plenums; Quiet-Flow™ packaged air handling units, acoustic enclosures and doors.

Quiet-Duct™ silencers, Conic Silencers and acoustic plenums and circular silencers all control noise from air conditioning and fan systems. Quiet-Vent™ and Cross-Talk silencers provide conversational privacy, where other attenuators are available for school environments and others where attenuated natural ventilation is required.

Cooling tower silencers and splitters,acoustic louvres (Noishield™ and Slimshield™ reduce noise pollution. Acoustic barriers and Screens are proven noise suppressors while anti-vibration mounts and floating floors are effective for plant and equipment rooms. Low-noise on-floor air handling units are ideal for fast-track, high rise construction projects with crane installation building processes.