Audiology Rooms

IAC’s 70 years of experience in designs and installation of Rooms and Booths is second to none. Our audiology rooms provide a comfortable environment for staff and a relaxed atmosphere for patients. We design, manufacture and install an extensive range of high performance Audiology Test Rooms and Booths providing noise reduction levels from between 35 dB to 60 dB. 

Our in-house specialist consultants, designers, engineers and project managers guarantee IAC’s place as the pre-eminent force in Audiology Test Rooms and Audiometric Booths worldwide. Our detailed specification service is appreciated by audiologists, acousticians and architects globally.

Whatever your requirement - a single Audiology room or full Hearing Test Facility design and fit-out, IAC resource and experience means bespoke delivery, consultation and full service support.

Features of IAC Acoustics Audiometric Test Rooms:

  • On site assembly, finished with bespoke floor, wall and ceiling colours, materials and fabrics
  • Silent ventilation systems allowing testing whilst ventilation is in operation
  • Air conditioning options include connection to main system, scavenge to draw air from a host room and independent dedicated systems
  • Acoustic doors incorporate twin magnetic seals for slam-free, quiet operation
  • Vast range of acoustic windows inc integrated blinds and one-way vision
  • IAC’s high quality Polyester Powder paint finish or unique Powder Coated Wood Grain finish for outstanding durability
  • Anti-Bacterial finishes available - wall fabrics, suspended ceilings, floor carpets and wall plaques
  • Windows, locks and low threshold details 
  • Bespoke Audiometric Rooms
  • EMI RF Shielded Audiology Booths and Chambers

IAC Acoustics design bespoke Audiology Test Rooms, to proven and unrivalled audiology levels, guaranteed to meet all your needs and comply with the latest ISO standards.

All projects are designed in-house by IAC specialists, specific to your own custom requirements, with the precision of the latest CAD and Laser technology from our Winchester Head Office. This allows our engineers to manufacture and install Audiometric Room windows to virtually any size.

Given years of experience installing thousands of Hearing Test Facilities worldwide, IAC is uniquely qualified to design, manufacture and project manage individual Audiometric Room solutions.

IAC Acoustics supply acoustic components that include:

  • Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Windows
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Special RF Shields

Our Engineering, Sales and Project teams are with you throughout the project helping you with the commissioning, specification, design, installation and on-site requirements of your completed Audiology Booth or Audiometric Test Room.

Moduline® Construction

Using our unique Moduline® system of integrated laboratory and field-tested components (inc wall and roof panels, structurally isolated floors, doors, windows and ventilation systems), IAC guarantees unique high performance audiometric test rooms using building materials offering many advantages over traditional materials including:

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance & compliance including ISO 8253 and ISO BS EN6189
  • Clean, rapid installation minimising building time and disruption
  • Maximum design flexibility - almost any choice of size and shape
  • Portability - allowing dismantling and moving with minimum cost/fuss and no loss of performance