Studios & Listening Rooms

IAC Acoustics produces listening rooms for testing the sound quality of various noises associated with a certain vehicle. These important facilities play a large part in the R&D process, utilising first hand market research data. The research data gathered, aids in ‘tuning’ for example a vehicle to sound a certain way and is typically very different across models, even from the same manufacturer.
Manufactured from IAC’s Moduline®, a modular acoustic construction panel system, the facilities have to be isolated from any other interfering noise to gain the best results. IAC Varitone™ or AccuTone™ panels are then used inside the room to tune the absorption and hence reverberation times so that room reflections do not ‘colour’ the sound under assessment.

Optimale Tonstudio-Schalldämmung: Produkte von IAC Acoustics

Mit dem von IAC entwickelten modularen akustischen Baukasten-Paneelsystem Moduline® zur Schalldämmung werden die Studios oder Hörräume von allen anderen Lärmquellen hervorragend isoliert, um bestmögliche Ergebnisse zu erhalten. Die Schallabsorber IAC Varitone™ oder AccuTone™-Paneele werden anschließend innerhalb des Raumes genutzt, um die Absorbierung und somit die Nachhallzeiten zu justieren, damit Raumreflexionen die Klangqualität nicht verändern.

IAC Tonstudios mit optimalem Schallschutz werden mit einem bewährten ein- oder doppelwandigen Raum-in-Raum-Konzept, z. B Voice-Over-Kabinen, ganz individuell geplant oder aus einem vorhandenen Sortiment ausgewählt. Dieses umfasst:

  • TV-/Film-/Videoproduktionsstudios
  • Musikübungsräume
  • Sprecherkabinen
  • Radio, Postproduktion und Audio
  • Studios, Regie-/Schnitträume
  • Hörräume
  • reflexionsarme Räume

Individually configure soundproofing for your recording studio

Important steps in the construction of a recording studio
In construction projects for sophisticated soundproof recording studios, we are often faced with the situation that the required shell dimensions must be specified at a very early planning stage. Studio rooms in particular need the right dimensions for specific production purposes. A floating screed of at least 10 cm - consisting of an impact sound mat and screed plate - is required on the subfloor for impact sound decoupling (as in residential construction). Another option for this is the IAC Floating Floor, which is constructed in a modular manner. The natural frequencies of the structure-borne sound decoupling correspond to < 6.5 Hz as standard. There is no risk of a structure-borne sound bridge, for example through the screed connection to the shell of the building. To ensure sufficient sound absorption for a low reverberation time, space is reserved for the room acoustics in front of the acoustic inner shell up to the visible wall paneling. Hard reflections from the walls should be avoided, especially at head height. Multiple reflections between parallel hard surfaces (so-called flutter echoes) are particularly disruptive.

Control room window areas should be limited to the size necessary for a visual connection. To prevent direct reflections, the panes are tilted towards the absorbent ceiling. Given the clear internal dimensions, you can also assume a 15 cm wide strip for room acoustics in the floor plan for each room in order to determine the required shell dimensions. The distance between the inner shells is effective in terms of room acoustics.

One of the most attractive features of the modular IAC Acoustics studios for soundproofing recording studios is that they can be dismantled, adjusted, reconfigured and reassembled - without losing their acoustic properties. This makes our recording studios extremely durable and long-lasting.

IAC Acoustics: Professional recording studios with excellent acoustics
IAC Acoustics offers turnkey service right from the start. This includes advice, planning, production and installation in your building. We work closely with you and your architect.
If you wish, we can also supply just the components such as soundproof doors, soundproof windows, diffusers, ventilation silencers and acoustic absorbers that benefit the soundproofing of the recording studio.
We have been offering our customers effective soundproofing systems for 70 years, whether for studios, industrial soundproofing, medicine or research. Our turnkey solutions are therefore both efficient and economical and offer finished, ready-to-move-in facilities.

Talk to us! We look forward to tackling a new studio project with you