Open Space Offices

The trend is clear: new offices are open, living from open space, from the expanse. The sense of the open space office can be seen in the open structures: The communication between the employees should be encouraged. In addition, it can make processes more transparent and enable fast problem solving through direct contact with colleagues. And last but not least: companies save a lot of costs through the efficient use of office space.
The advantages of open space offices for companies and employees at a glance:
A lot of working space in a small area, in contrast to individual offices.
Easy problem solution
In an open environment, the team leader can be reached faster because he is literally visible. Problems can be addressed and clarified directly - without an appointment via the anteroom.
Fast brainstorming
Express meetings make work easier and save time. There is no need to reserve a conference room, hours of meetings are no longer necessary. Ideas can be exchanged directly at the workplace.
Better group dynamics
An open office significantly improves group dynamics and the relationship among colleagues. Employees from different departments would never be able to get to know each other so well in individual offices.
Transparent work processes
All necessary information is openly accessible - unlike in an individual office, no one has to wait for internal communications to respond.
So far the advantages, the disadvantages of Open Space Offices are...
lack of privacy
confidential discussions are almost impossible
limited freedom of choice in the organisation of work, and
constant noise, hectic and unrest.
All of this can have a negative impact on work performance and a lasting effect.
That is why companies are starting to create opportunities for retreat within open-plan offices - for telephoning, discussing, teleconferencing, thinking and much more.
What we offer:
Every open-plan office is different and therefore the acoustic solutions differ. Especially in new office buildings, reverberation and the resulting poor acoustics is the main problem to be solved. One reason for this lies in the processing of increasingly hard materials during construction.
With regard to room acoustics in open-plan offices, experience shows that the following problems exist:
Too much reverberation due to hard surfaces
noise transmission between workplaces
Environmental noise
IAC Acoustics offers individual solutions for this:
Soundproof telephone booths
Acoustic rooms for meetings in different sizes and as "thinking room
Absorber solutions for noise reduction in parts of open-plan offices
Unlike other suppliers, we do not come from the trade fair/office supplies sector, but from the acoustics sector. Since 1949, IAC has developed, manufactured and installed acoustic rooms, cabins and enclosures for medical facilities, TV/radio studios, industrial applications and research and development worldwide.