Controlling noise pollution from gas turbines is a priority for many organizations. It is essential that the noise from the atmospheric inlet and exhaust opening of gas turbines have the required noise control measures in place that ensures the facility meets with the relevant noise criterion.


IAC Acoustics manufactures noise control solutions to the mining industry, primarily focused on... 

Hush Houses

IAC Acoustics designs and manufactures turnkey Hush Houses both for the civil and military sector. Our Hush Houses provide all weather facilities for aircraft pass-off during the day or by night.


IAC Acoustics build of test cells for uninstalled aero-engines and the adaptation and upgrading of existing test cells to give them the capability to handle new and/or different engine types.

Open Space Offices

Improve acoustics in the work environment - IAC offers tailor-made solutions for every problem

Security & Interviews

IAC Acoustics' range of modular facilities solve a number of issues relating to private / confidential acoustic environments. Typical uses include speech privacy enclosures, private offices, strong rooms, EMI / RF shielded rooms, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) and police interview suites.


Our marine projects and capabilities are focused on supply of...

Ground Run-up

IAC Acoustics has a range of products to aid airlines, MROs and airports test aircraft on the ground and provide protection from the effects of jet wash.