RF & Acoustic Security / Interview Rooms

IAC Acoustics' range of modular facilities solve a number of issues relating to private / confidential acoustic environments. Typical uses include speech privacy enclosures, private offices, strong rooms, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) and police interview suites.

IAC Acoustics is a highly experienced designer and manufacturer of modular special-purpose acoustic rooms, offering single source responsibility and guaranteed performance. For over 50 years, we have been constructing highly rated, rugged, steel, integrated, sound-proofed rooms including air conditioning silencers, acoustic / physical security doors, wall, floor and ceiling panels. All our security rooms can be:

  • Demounted, rearranged, and re-installed in new locations as requirements change
  • Custom engineered to your and/or the sponsoring/accrediting agency’s specifications
  • installed in new or existing buildings either as a room lining or as a free-standing structure

In addition, all rooms have acoustically rated, barrier-free security doors with magnetic seals and tamper-proof hinges with blast and bullet-resistant construction available as an additional option. The cam-lift doors, when closing, compress a fixed bottom seal against finished floor and do not require hazardous raised sills and unreliable threshold closures.

In addition to being physically secure, we also offer complete RF shielding to ensure frequencies do not enter the facility and any unwanted signals cannot escape the confines of the room.



  • all measurements were carried out on the basis and in the essential points in accordance with the following international and national standards: EN 50147-1 and IEEE 299.
  • shielding attenuation is defined as the ratio, expressed in decibels [dB], of two magnetic or electric field strengths measured on opposite sides of a shielded enclosure. These field strengths are determined by means of two measurements (M0 – reference measurement without shielding, M1 - measurement with shielding), which are subsequently used to calculate the shielding attenuation with ± 3 dB instrument accuracy.
  • measurement was carried out by an independent accredited test company for shielding effectiveness measurements in the laboratory conditions
  • our customers can choose test report type, required attenuation values as well as test points location
  • low frequency extension option is available below 1 kHz or even for DC electric and magnetic fields
  • microwave frequency extension option is available up to 40 GHz
Graph 1a. Typical shielding effectiveness (E - Field and Plane wave)
Graph 1a. Typical shielding effectiveness (E - Field and Plane wave)