Ground Run-up Pens & Barriers

IAC Acoustics has a range of products to aid airlines, MROs and airports test aircraft on the ground and provide protection from the effects of jet wash.

Jet Blast Barriers & Screens

With our range of blast deflectors / jet wash screens, IAC Acoustics has been helping airports, both civil and commercial to protect roads, buildings, vehicles and people from the jet wash and thrust. Our barriers are available in a variety of different heights to accommodate any type of aircraft and a complete range of aircraft power levels from taxiing civil aircraft, to full power afterburner fighter jets. Rest assured that our barrier systems, both fixed and portable will give the protection you require.

Ground Run-up Enclosures

With a new, aero-dynamically efficient design, our range of Ground Run-up Enclosures (GREs) are available for any size of commercial aircraft, including the Airbus A380. The new design evolved from over 20 years of successful history in providing GREs across the world.

Acoustic Barriers

In addition to providing blast protection systems, IAC Acoustics is also able to provide a range of acoustic barriers to minimise the effects of noise on neighbouring communities. From initial acoustic mapping, to design, manufacture and installation of our acoustic barrier system, we are able to offer a complete turnkey package if required with a guaranteed noise reduction rating. We offer three barrier types, however our absorptive freestanding barrier system is the optimal choice for airport applications. This range is sound absorptive on one or both sides and offers excellent sound transmission loss. Due to their design, this range of barrier is quick to assemble and is comprised of prefabricated components that are lighter and easier to install than concrete alternatives with similar acoustic performance ratings.