Music Practice Rooms

Our range of modular music practice rooms, vocal booths and soundproof booths provide the perfect environment for musical and vocal performance and assessment.

IAC’s new range of music practice rooms, MusicBox are completely engineered environments with interior acoustic treatments, providing a variety of colours and finishes to complement any architectural design.

A music practice room enables musicians to rehearse and record within a self-contained environment; manufactured to isolate the room from external airborne noise, mitigate internally generated sounds and provide optional vibration isolation from structure-borne noise transmission. 

Available in two standard models, MusicBox (single wall construction) and MusicBox Pro (double wall construction) each give guaranteed sound isolation ratings. Depending on your music practice room requirements, a single wall constructed model can be configured to achieve NIC 45 whilst double wall models can reach up to NIC 65.

The prefabricated panel design of IAC’s MusicBox makes for simple and cost effective installation, giving dimensional flexibility and offering both solo and group rehearsal rooms.

Features include:

  • Moduline - IAC’s high performance acoustic panel system (acoustic performance details available)
  • Rugged construction providing outstanding durability
  • Acoustic doors with twin magnetic seals
  • Acoustic windows
  • Ventilation system
  • Electrical services, including lights and power sockets
  • Optional equipment including floating floors and air conditioning