Noise damping and noise protection

Our extensive and well-developed range of products is highly effective in combating workplace noise to comply with regulatory and environmental standards - and to combat the problems of noise pollution from industrial parks and manufacturing facilities.

IAC Acoustics offers a complete service:

  • Acoustic, sonic examinations, measurements and evaluations
  • Customer-specific solutions with maintenance and cleaning suggestions, etc.
  • Production of components and constructions according to customer specifications
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning

Product range

  • Modular acoustic encapsulation for noisy equipment and machinery
  • Soundproof rooms for testing products
  • Workshop and operations offices, control and monitoring rooms
  • Part encapsulations and movable housings
  • Acoustic partitions and shields
  • Sound absorbing wall and ceiling surfaces and ceiling baffles
  • Acoustic doors and windows
  • Silencers and acoustic louvres for ventilation and air conditioning


  • Guaranteed effectiveness
  • Clean and fast installation with minimal downtime
  • Stable, lightweight construction of up to ⅓ of weight compared to conventional designs with comparable acoustic effectiveness
  • Panels can be dismantled and rebuilt without loss of acoustic effectiveness

Modular System Moduline ™
The proven, cost-effective system for the construction of acoustic enclosures, partitions, screens and panel constructions.

The Moduline ™ system of highly effective acoustic panels has been used by IAC for over 60 years for the successful construction of encapsulation and walls.

Special features are:

  • Guaranteed acoustic effectiveness
  • Combined sound insulation (as STL) and sound absorption
  • Doors / windows and sound deadened ventilation systems included
  • Simple and time-saving installation
  • Stable and durable design
  • fire retardant
  • Disassembly and repeated reassembly

The system offers for each project the selection of a panel construction with corresponding sound insulation (STL) / (RW) and sound absorption. The flexibility of the Moduline ™ panel system enables the construction of i.a. following sound insulation constructions


Part encapsulations / screen walls

Access control including doors, windows and mounting holes, flaps

Complete encapsulation, cabins with low-vibration acoustic floors

Sound-deadened ventilation systems for all types of acoustic enclosures, passenger cabins and power plants

Noise damping and noise protection for the industry

IAC is able to offer a range of technical solutions for industrial applications, almost all of which can be supplied as a modular component as a single component or as a system component, even for complicated projects.

In addition to the Moduline ™ system, IAC Acoustics can offer a variety of other complementary noise protection solutions.

  • Muffler for heating / ventilation and air conditioning
  • Acoustic doors and windows
  • Acoustic sound blinds
  • Scenes silencer
  • Hot gas exhaust silencer and emission monitoring
  • Blowout silencer
  • Generator encapsulation including container solutions
  • Power Plant Filter Housing
  • Vibration isolation systems
  • "Tuning" panels, absorption systems reflective panel systems
  • Acoustic monitoring systems and analysis
  • Test systems and systems for aviation incl. Engines
  • Test and measurement rooms including echo-free rooms and reverberation room system
  • Acoustic doors as a double or single system