Anechoic chambers

Acoustic Testing for Industrial OEMs

IAC Acoustics has supplied some of the world’s best brands with various kinds of acoustic testing facility. From computer components to large diesel engines and generators, we can supply a solution to provide you with a certified facility for carrying out acoustic measurements and tests. From supplying acoustic lining packages to a complete turnkey facility, we can provide a cost effective solution to your testing requirements.

Types of Facility Provided

Typical facilities provided are anechoic test rooms or reverberation chambers and are predominantly used for certifying products and carrying out R&D. In addition to providing larger facilities, we can also provide compact mini-anechoic chambers for testing small devices and components for the electronics industry.

IAC Turnkey Service

In addition to a range of turnkey testing facilities for the automotive sector, we are also able to provide a complete solution to OEMs, including all civil and construction works plus the supply of any specialist ancillary equipment that may be required.

IAC Turnkey Chambers

Where suitable, or if a complete solution is required, IAC Acoustics will provide a turnkey facility including all civil and construction works. IAC will also work closely with clients to aid with local authority or planning issues concerning the site.

By opting for a turnkey service from IAC, this not only minimises risk, but also ensures that the facility will accommodate the most suitable acoustic package and perform to the best possible standard.

For large chambers that are designed to accommodate large engines such as diesel generators, IAC will design a bespoke mechanical and electrical system to ensure the correct amount of air is passed into the chamber and all toxic gases are expelled to the atmosphere.