Acoustic ceilings

Acusta is an acoustical ceiling solution with high standards due to the extraordinary and patented design. Our acoustic ceiling has no wall connection, so we integrate it weightless into the existing ceiling to make technical products, light or other visually disappear. The volume of the room is largely preserved.

Acusta is integrated by our specialist fitters exactly in the room and can be dismantled if necessary and re-integrated in another location.

Acusta is an individually designed acoustic ceiling made of 25mm absorber plate material. The material has a fire protection class B1 from the production side and can additionally be treated with non-combustible paint to achieve a higher fire protection class.

  • The individual absorber plates are both easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • The plates are varied in their shape and are individually tailored to suggestions.
  • Weight: due to their low basis weight, the ceiling panels can be installed almost anywhere
  • Cleaning: Dusting and cleaning is possible at any time, but this should always be done after prior instruction.
  • Design and appearance: floating, individually color-shaped, flat absorber panel ceiling with exact interruptions and distances (+/- 3mm tolerance) to each other.
  • The degree of light reflection depends on the particular color that is selected.
  • Moisture resistance: The acoustic ceiling panels are dimensionally stable at a relative humidity of up to 95% at 30 degrees (DIN EN ISO 4611)
  • Environmental impact: 100% recyclable.
  • Fire protection: The absorber plates made of 100% polyester are flame retardant from the production side (B1) and classified according to DIN EN 1350-1-1. The fire protection can be increased if necessary.
  • Weight: Acoustic absorber plate E-Comp TW-25 has a weight of 4 Kg / sqm with a plate thickness of 25mm.